A frog with six legs and other strange creatures: Verbeke Foundation opens gallery in Antwerp

The cellar. Don’t forget to take the stairs to go down to the cellar. It’s as if Dr. Frankenstein has just left the building. In those derelict, gloomy rooms you’ll feel as if a door can be shut behind you, at any moment, and you’ll be trapped and used for some weird scientific experiment. Or what happens if the Verbeke Foundation, known for its bio-art, sets up shop in Antwerp. In a newly opened gallery it promotes the same art it presents on that strange and huge domain in the Flemish village of Kemzeke (Utopia Parkway review here). But because of the fact that that wild and weird art site is so overwhelming, people often forget to really zoom in on the art. Secondly, the Foundation is first and foremost the place to present a private collection, not one to sell art as well. Due to the good relations of the Foundation with a couple of the ‘bio-artists’ it presents, those artists asked the Foundation if it couldn’t represent them as a gallerist as well. Hence: the Verbeke Gallery, focusing on some 15 artists working with living organisms. It’s a risk, they admit, because due to the strange nature of those works of art, they’re not entirely sure if anyone might actually buy them. But do drop by, for an art gallery of a different kind, if you happen to be in that fashionable Zuid-district, near the Royal Museum Of Fine Arts. More images and info, here.


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