Last chance to see 60 Belgian artists demonstrate ‘The power of drawing’

OK, blame me. For once, I didn’t notice you in time. And now it’s almost too late. That’s why, if you were planning on doing some shopping this Saturday, please do it in Antwerp. And drop by at at least three galleries for the last day of three wonderful, small exhibitions. To begin with, there’s the remarkable (When will they finally see) The power of drawing? at Geukens & De Vil, focusing on drawings. It comprises drawings of some 60 Belgian contemporary artists, thanks to the collaboration of many other galleries. You’ll find a drawing of almost every renowned Belgian artist (Francis Alÿs, Luc Tuymans, Michaël Borremans, Thierry Cordier, Berlinde De Bruyckere…). Nextdoors, at Maes & Matthys Gallery, you’ll see an intriguing and gloomy collection of works of art (37 dark ink and tears paintings, lit by candles), by Belgian artist Vaast Colson. And finally, German artist Johannes Kahrs is having an exhibition of black-and-white paintings at Zeno X, just around the corner. For a virtual visit to that show, click here. You’ll find pictures of Vaast Colson’s show here. By the way: next up at Zeno X is an exhibition by Luc Tuymans (from January 28 onwards).


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