‘From Plato to Nato’: merrily mixing philosophy, musical, politics and Howard Hughes

Funny to see how sometimes lots of enthusiasm, creativity, talent, and intelligence nevertheless amount to nothing. Take Van Plato tot Nato (From Plato to Nato) for instance, the new theatre performance by KVS (Brussels) and theatre collective De Enthousiasten. Nine actors boldly try to mix philosophy, humor, musical, politics (democracy versus oligarchy), Plato (The republic, The allegory of the cave) ánd Howard Hughes (his fake autobiography by Clifford Irving) in an exuberant theatrical collage. But somewhere along the way they get lost. Some of the scenes take too long, and at some point, bedazzled by all that juggling with ideas, images, irony and cleverness, you ask yourself what it is they are trying to tell you. Also, at some point (when they began pushing around parts of the decor and using them as projection screens) I started wondering how many of them had witnessed Christoph Schlingensief’s happy chaos in Via Intolleranza (presented at KVS during this year’s Kunstenfestivaldesarts; review here). It’s always strange to leave a theatre shrugging your shoulders, knowing that a bunch of talented people have really tried their best to tell you something they absolutely care about. (More info, tour schedule and pics here)


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