Pleased to meet you, Mr. Guy de Cointet

Guy de Cointet. I must admit I had never heard of the guy. Until I was reading Creamier (10 international curators picking 100 emerging artists, review here) and got to the part for which each of those curators had chosen one key creative work; one that is influencing artists today. Mike Kelley? Ok. Joan Didion. Yes. Haruki Murakami? Absolutely. But Guy de Cointet? So I was really pleased to see that arts centre Stuk (Leuven) co-produced a restaging of Iglu, a play by De Cointet and Robert Wilhite from 1977. It was presented last week during the Playground Festival. De Cointet? A French-born artist who turned out to be an influential member of the Los Angeles art scene, known for his works on canvas and paper and his theatre performances. He died in ’83. I was not entirely sure what to make of Iglu, a strange, surreal and funny mix of pop art and tv soap opera acting, but it did make me even more curious about this artist. A monograph should be published shortly by art historian Marie de Brugerolle. She will stage De Cointet’s Five sisters in June 2011. Can somebody bring that to Belgium too, please? Oh, and did I whet your appetite? You’ll find Guy de Cointet’s works of art here or here, a long article about him here and a short You Tube clip from his play Tell me here.


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