White gloves for a dead skull: Luc Tuymans at BeLa Editions (Brussels)

Fan of Luc Tuymans and living in Belgium? Well, than you could fly out to Chicago to see his retrospective (cheapest option: 458 euro), you could buy his newest book (‘Dead skull’, just 60 copies, 3.000 euro each, info here), or the latest catalogue (‘Is it safe?’, published by Phaidon, 59,95 euro, info here). Or… you could just go to BeLa Editions in Brussels (Rue Lensstraat 28, Elsene/Ixelles) to flip through a copy of Dead skull (for free, you’ll just have to put on some white gloves) and take a look at ten or so prints (‘The Spiritual Exercises’, 2007, ‘Angel’, 2004, ‘Giscard’, 2004, ‘Plant’, 2004). Also for free. BeLa Editions has been publishing prints of works by artists such as Laurence Weiner, Ann Veronica Janssens and Daniel Buren since 2007, but the BeLa people have opened a gallery space too, earlier this year. The Tuymans prints are on display till November 28. (Gallery info here).


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