Going to Antwerp? Don’t forget Michaël and Michaël

Take a good look at that shoulder on the right. You’ll see a grey spot. On this picture it is almost unnoticeable. But when you’re standing in front of Michaël Borremans’ new painting The nude, you are really asking yourself what it is. You almost want to check if you can wipe it off. Or pull it off, as a grey Band Aid. Apparently, it’s one of those traces the Belgian painter likes to leave on his paintings in order to make clear that they’re just paintings. Illusions. Anyway. If you’re going to the Anselm Kiefer exhibition in Antwerp, don’t forget to cross the street for seven new paintings by the acclaimed Belgian painter at gallery Zeno X (through November 27). One of them (The pendant) has already been sold to French businessman ánd art collector François Pinault, often ranked as one of the most powerful people in modern art. And if you’ve made it to Zeno X, do walk to gallery Geukens & De Vil, just around the corner, for a nice exhibition with recent work by Dutch painter Michaël de Kok (through November 27). Too lazy to leave your home? You’ll find Borremans’ new paintings on the website of Zeno X here, and you can take a look at De Kok’s paintings here.


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