James Ensor mixed with contemporary art? ‘Hareng Saur’ is chillingly beautiful

I’m pretty sure that if you try hard enough, you can link almost any contemporary artist to James Ensor. But let’s not take the cynical approach. The truth is that Hareng Saur: Ensor and contemporary art, is a chillingly beautiful exhibition, that is worth a trip to Ghent. One could easily spend a few hours, looking at the juxtaposition of those wonderful Ensors (paintings, drawings and prints) and that contemporary art from all over the world. And do not forget to cross the street, because the exhibition takes place in two museums: S.M.A.K. ánd the Museum of Fine Arts. There’s an impressive Thierry De Cordier, for instance at that Fine Arts Museum, a great Cy Twombly and a cute box by Pipilotti Rist. Hareng Saur, that somewhat off-putting title, was taken from Ensor’s painting Squelettes se disputant un hareng saur (Skeletons fighting over a smoked herring). Hareng Saur being a wordplay: (h)ar-eng saur, or art Ensor. An exhibition for both connoisseurs and just about anyone who’s interested in (contemporary) art. Must-see. (Through February 27. Info here and here; the catalogue is published by Ludion, info here.)


3 Responses to “James Ensor mixed with contemporary art? ‘Hareng Saur’ is chillingly beautiful”

  1. philippe leeman Says:

    Ensor is coming home in contemporary art. The most intelligent show on Ensor this year showing that he can inspire the artists of today.

    The Ensor paintings are so fresh that you ask yourself: Who is this contemporary artist ?

    Just go to Ghent and visit the show. Breathtaking !

  2. Daniel Guerrero Says:

    very impressive i love this kind of work black and gray different kinds of shade…i realy want to learn more of this style i draw and paint but i dont consider my self an artis until i can come up with something as good as this…great work i would apreciate some tips

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