Blinded by the light: Gilbert & George’s ‘Jack Freak Pictures’ at Bozar

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Michael Jackson couldn’t have done it any better. What a media blitz. In every tv- or radio-show, in every newspaper. Gilbert & George all over the place. And even during the opening of the exhibition, Thursday evening: a camera was following them the whole evening, as they were walking through the halls of Bozar (Brussels), while all those fans were asking them for an autograph or a picture. It’s clear by now: the Jack Freak Pictures have landed in Brussels. Forget the catalogue, you really have to be there, to fully experience the almost blinding effect of that endless array of those monumental works of art. But are they any good? Of course the British artists are using and abusing notions such as commercialization and serialization, but one day later all those Jack Freak Pictures had blended into just one single image in my head. And that can’t be right, can it? Want to know more about Gilbert & George? Check my interview on beauty with them here, or the highlights of an interview at Bozar, last year, here. (‘Jack Freak Pictures’, through January 23, Bozar; info here; images courtesy Bozar & Baronian Francey).


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