Wim Delvoye at Bozar? It’s not a retrospective, just some of his gothic art

A warning is in order here: don’t expect too much. Yes, a Belgian newspaper printed special stickers for their readers to collect to promote this exhibition. Yes, it’s that big Bozar museum (Brussels) and Wim Delvoye, one of Belgium’s most popular and controversial contemporary artists (his cloaca, his tattooed pigs). But don’t expect some sort of retrospective, for Knockin’ on heaven’s door. And apparently many visitors did, during the opening, yesterday. No: it’s clear that the wonderful Lucas Cranach exhibition (must-see!) is Bozar’s big exhibition for this fall. Knockin’ on heaven’s door (through January 23) is merely presenting one tiny little piece of Delvoye’s universe: his gothic art; in just a couple of rooms, with drawings, maquettes, sculptures, a church and of course that huge tower on the roof of Bozar. Another version of that tower was already on view at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection during the Venice Biennale (2009) and at Musée Rodin in Paris (2010). Really: don’t expect too much. But on the other hand: you don’t have to pay to see this one.



One Response to “Wim Delvoye at Bozar? It’s not a retrospective, just some of his gothic art”

  1. Thanks for the warning.
    I’ll definitely try to see both exhibits.

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