New curbs and cracks by Koen van den Broek

How many curbs and cracks can one paint, during a career as a painter, you wonder. But anyway, just a quick reminder for everyone who might have missed Koen Van den Broek‘s wonderful retrospective at S.M.A.K. (Ghent) earlier this year: the acclaimed Belgian painter is showing ten or so new oil paintings (not on view in Ghent) at that most New Yorkish of all galleries in Brussels: Greta Meert (till November 7; near KVS-theatre). And now that I’m at it: don’t forget to drop by at a couple of great gallery shows in Brussels before the close, at Xavier Hufkens (group show, till 23-10), Almine Rech (James Turrell & Curtis Mann, till 23-10), Gladstone Gallery (Sol Lewitt, till 30-10) and Meessen De Clercq (‘Objects are like they appear’, till 23-10). No time or too lazy to go to Greta Meert? Check Van den Broek’s website, here, for more of his paintings.


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