Words are very unnecessary: an exhibition about silence (‘Disturbed silence’, Duffel)

One of the sculptures was put right in the middle of the terrace of the cafeteria, where patients and their visitors sit on a sunny day. There’s no escaping it, when you’re visiting Disturbed silence in Duffel (in between the Belgian cities of Mechelen and Lier): you’re walking on the premises of a psychiatric institution. And that’s intentionally: Disturbed silence – Stilte gestoord is an exhibition about silence, in the context of that ‘healing environment’ of Duffel’s Psychiatric Centre. Some twenty works of art (sculptures, paintings, videos) were brought together and put in different spots (some inside, some outside). It’s a wonderful, small exhibition worth visiting, with works of art that were specifically made for this exhibition or this campus (one key work: Thierry De Cordier’s chamber for reflection, Kapel van het niets, in the garden), new and older work by artists from Belgium and abroad. You’ll see pictures of the Thames by Roni Horn, you’ll be able to enter Alfredo Jaar’s The sound of silence (also on view in Leuven, in 2009) and watch Bill Viola’s classic video The reflecting pool (from ’79). Aeneas Wilder, who has already built a big sculpture for the Verbeke Foundation (picture here), was asked to build one here too. (‘Disturbed silence – Stilte gestoord’, Psychiatrisch Centrum, Duffel, through November 7, info (only in Dutch) here.)


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