Believe the hype: don’t miss Francis Alÿs (Wiels)

Somewhere in a corner, slightly hidden, you’ll find a video of a dog, sleeping. Dreaming. Sometimes a foot is moving. And that’s all there is. Nothing more. That’s why I’m so fond of the work of Francis Alÿs. He always mixes a pinch of poetry, childlike fantasy or humor in, even though most of his videos have a political, philosophical of sociological undertone. Wiels (Brussels) is proud to be able to present A story of deception (through January 30), the first retrospective of this often overlooked (that is: in Belgium) Belgian artist, living in Mexico. The contemporary arts centre is even having a slightly bigger Alÿs-exhibition than the recent one at London’s Tate Gallery. Later on this exhibition will travel to New York’s MoMa. There’s too much to write about this artist, his videos and tiny paintings, but I’ll keep this post short. Believe the hype. Go and sit in all those rooms built especially for this exhibition. Take your time to watch those videos (if you decide to watch them all, it might take you two hours). Enjoy. Get blown away by those tornados at the end. And upon returning home, you can watch some of those videos again, on the artist’s website, here. (On November 7, Alÿs will also unveil a special exhibition at Maastricht’s Bonnefantenmuseum. Info here.)


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