I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes: Jan Decorte is dancing (‘Tanzung’)

Would I let him get away with it, if I didn’t know who he was, this crazy Flemish Indian? If I didn’t know his history? For Tanzung renowned Flemish theatre director Jan Decorte decided to skip words, and for once take movement as his point of departure. ‘Taking every movement seriously’ was his credo. And so they do. Even though some of their dances or movements look extremely silly, they do take them extremely serious; Jan Decorte, his partner Sigrid Vinks, dancer Taka Shamoto (ex-Rosas) and actor Tibo Vandenborre. Tanzung is made up of short scenes/choreographies, often on music. You’ll recognise songs by Kate & Ann McGarrigle, Arno, Boy George, Nirvana, The Troggs (Love is all around) and John Lennon. But one of the most beautiful scenes surely is a heartbreaking little dance by Sigrid Vinks on Bach’s aria Ergiesse dich reichlich, du göttliche Quelle. Giving all of this some structure is a recurring short choreography by Shamoto, who then cites a poem. There’s unmistakably a ritualistic element to what they do and of course Tanzung is some awkward ode to love. It’s light, it’s weird, and stripped-down to the extreme, and sometimes it’s silly. But it’s also honest, vulnerable and touching. Would I let him get away with it? Hell, yeah. (Info & tour schedule here)


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