What’s that staircase doing in your living room? (‘Coup de ville’, Sint-Niklaas)

A giant cage in a garden, piles of clothes in an attic and a giant staircase in a living room. That’s what you get when artists are invited to invade homes. By putting art in people’s houses Chambres d’amis  (Ghent) really was a legendary exhibition in ’86. Coup de ville (in Sint-Niklaas, through October 24) is surfing a bit on the fame of that exhibition. It has gotten a lot of attention as it has invited Chambres d’amis-curator Jan Hoet to help them to chose the more than 40 contributing artists. I love the idea and I love walking through a city not knowing what to expect and being offered the opportunity to freely peek into people’s homes and lives. But is Coup de ville not to be missed? No. Not every artistic ‘intervention’ turns out to be that great or inspired. I really liked Hannes Van Severen’s staircase though, don’t miss Hans Op de Beeck’s Secret garden and do go and sit on that couch to watch Michaël Borremans’ film The feeding. And don’t forget to take one of those special Coup de ville-bikes. Your feet will thank you. Info here.


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