Patti Smith, Michael Stipe and Björk… caught staring at Marina Abramovic

Sorry for not posting anything at a time when there’s too much going on. Flu. So: instead of going to all those vernissages and premieres I spent some time on the internet instead, and thus stumbled upon Marco Anelli‘s wonderful site. The Italian photographer took pictures of everyone who sat in front of Marina Abramovic during her performance The artist is present, in May at New York’s MoMa (more about that here). Or: how one art project can inspire another one. It’s amazing to see all these different expressions on the faces of people who are just looking at somebody… looking at them. And if that leaves you cold, than maybe you’ll find it amusing to just spot all the celebrities who participated in Abramovic’s ‘staring contest’: Patti Smith, Michael Stipe, Björk, Lou Reed, Rufus Wainwright, Isabella Rossellini… (You’ll find Marco Anelli’s site and his pictures here; you’ll find a gallery with all the pictures on the MoMa site too, here)


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