Images that serve as prophecies: ‘Postcards From The Future’, part one

So this is it: the newest postcard from the future. A  photo of a scene that hasn’t taken place yet, but is supposed to take place in Brussels, on September 19 (at Rue du Maroquin, 13.13 hours). The picture is being distributed at several locations in Brussels, as I write this, to arouse people’s curiosity. Is it the almost childish element of ‘play’ that’s linked to this art project? I’m quite curious to see what will happen with this Postcards From The Future-project. Brussels-based collective C&H will ‘stage’ eight scenes on eight different locations, till June 2011. Every time they will distribute postcards upfront, with a  picture of the scene that’s supposed to take place, serving as some sort of prophecy. When you turn up at that location at the right time, you would have to be able to see the image on the postcard in front of your eyes. C&H’s goal is to make one look at the city in a different way. The press conference yesterday at KVS made it clear what one can expect: don’t think you’ll see the exact scene on the card. During the conference all the different elements on the first postcard were acted out, but one after another (the guy covering his ears wasn’t doing that at the exact same moment as the guy getting under the table to look for something). Nevertheless: can’t wait to see what will happen next. (All info here).


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