James Turrell, Louise Bourgeois, Sol LeWitt, Wim Delvoye… Brussels Art Days!

One good reason to embrace Brussels Art Days? It means that, just for once, some 30 contemporary galleries will be open on Sunday as well. And this third edition sure looks promising. I dropped by at the openings at three uptown galleries yesterday evening, and I can advise you: do pay a visit to Almine Rech, Xavier Hufkens and Meessen De Clercq, this weekend. There are two interesting group shows at Meessen De Clercq and Hufkens, and Almine Rech is presenting work by James Turrell and young American artist Curtis Mann. At Hufkens you’ll discover, for instance, a big, poëtic painting by Louise Bourgeois (which she made this year), and an enormous work by Michel François which surely will put a smile on your face. At Almine Rech there’s at least one optical illusion by James Turrell (a peachy coloured ‘window’) that will make your jaw drop. I can’t wait to discover the other galleries, this weekend, as Barbara Gladstone is presenting a Sol Lewitt-show, for instance, Rodolphe Janssen is having a Wim Delvoye-show and Greta Meert will be showing paintings by Koen van den Broek. (Brussels Art Days, Saturday & Sunday, noon – 8 PM, you’ll find info about all the galleries and all the necessary links here)


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