Chandeliers, red carpets and Michaël Borremans’ footmen

If I’d be keeping a blog about chandeliers, I’d be tripping right now. Just back from my visit to the Royal Palace in Brussels, and boy, do they have some gigantic chandeliers hanging there. Makes you wonder how those ceilings don’t give in. But anyway. It was fun to walk the red carpets amidst all the glitter and gold towards the rooms with those new paintings commissioned by Queen Paola for her royal collection: by renowned Belgian painter Michaël Borremans. He apparently was fascinated by the concept of footmen in a palace; those men who see everything but are supposed to say nothing. He liked the idea of putting some portraits of footmen amid all the portraits of royals in the palace. His portraits with a twist (carrying references to the work of Magritte, Broodthaers and Velasquez) sure look good in King Albert I’s study, but during my visit not one single tourist noticed Borremans’ paintings (beware: one of them is actually a video) and they hurriedly continued their visit to the next sumptuously decorated ballroom. PS: I sure hope Jan Fabre does not come and check out his scarab covered green ceiling, during this temporary summer opening of the Royal Palace. He will be appalled by the sight of those silly looking scientific games for kids in that room. It is a disgrace, I do agree. (You can visit the Royal Palace, for free, until September 5. Info here. More info on Borremans here.)


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