Temporary hospital? No: guerilla store with art gallery (A.F. Vandevorst and Hoet Bekaert open GUSTAV)

‘What’s this? Some place to go to when you want to give blood?’ Belgian holiday-goers passing by clearly had no clue about what was going on, yesterday, at that old villa in Knokke-Zoute at the Belgian seaside. Belgian fashion designers A.F. Vandevorst were opening their new guerilla store GUSTAV, in collaboration with Hoet Bekaert Gallery (Ghent) and a couple of other partners (Kavan Ronsey, Caroline Van Hoek). Quite funny to see Tom Barman (from rock band dEUS) as well as popular crooner Helmut Lotti among the guests. GUSTAV, or AKTION II, is the second pop up-store for A.F. Vandevorst (yes, you can buy their clothes there). It will stay open until the end of September. There’s a coffee shop that sells picnic baskets too. In a couple of rooms at the back of the house Hoet Bekaert is presenting work by Matthieu Ronsse. In the middle of a screeching feedback storm the Belgian artist did a short performance too, yesterday, for all the Vedett drinking beautiful people and their well-dressed kids. More info here. You’ll find GUSTAV on Facebook here.  


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