When art goes bling bling: Sylvie Fleury at Almine Rech

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In for a little pop? Looking for some bling bling? Why don’t you drop by at Almine Rech (Brussels), for Sylvie Fleury‘s first solo exhibition at the gallery. You’ll find a golden mushroom, a golden shopping cart and some golden tires that serve as fountains as well. Fleury lives and works in Geneva (Switzerland) and emerged on the art scene in the nineties. She likes to toy around with shopping bags, cars, art icons and luxury clothing. Critics haven’t always been that kind to her (‘the superficial self-representation of a glamour-girl who restages her shopping moods under the auspices of the art world’), but judge for yourself, as this is sort of a retrospective, with some new work as well, especially created for this exhibition. Mamco (Geneva) dedicated a major retrospective to Fleury’s work last year. And if you think you notice some Pollock drippings on the ceiling in that back room, right after you’ve been scared by that strange creature with those uncanny eyes… Yep: ‘Just like a DJ uses songs and tempos of others to create his own music, I use references to art history to create mine.’ (through July 17)


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