Summer’s here: New York has Miranda July, and what will we get?

Now that summer is approaching, I’m curious to see if our Belgian galleries and museums will have something special and summery for us to enjoy. The Middelheim park in Antwerp has unveiled a couple of new sculptures recently, and I know that MAC’s (Grand-Hornu) will have a special summer exhibition. But I envy the people of New York already, who will be able to have fun with Miranda July‘s Eleven heavy things (through October 3, Union Square Park). I admit: I have a soft spot for the American artist/writer/director, ever since I watched her film Me, you and everyone we know (trailer here). Reading those wonderful stories in No one belongs here more than you only made me like her more. She presented Eleven heavy things during the Venice Biennial, last year. It comprises eleven sculptures that encourage viewer interaction: pedestals to stand on, tablets with holes for body parts. What July really does, is offering eleven photo opportunities. And it doesn’t stop there, as July asks everyone to upload their pictures on the internet, so this becomes an internet project too. You’ll find some examples here. OK, it’s a bit silly, but hey, it’s summer, no?


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  1. […] York has Miranda July and what will we get? That’s what I wrote a couple of weeks ago (read here). Well, for starters: we are having Ugo Rondinone. Last Sunday Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens unveiled its […]

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