Reading letters and watching videos: Auguste Orts at M HKA

Looking for some instant satisfaction? Let me warn you then: don’t bother going to Auguste Orts – Correspondence, the new exhibition at M HKA, Antwerp’s museum for contemporary art. But if you’re not afraid of some cerebral stuff, you like reading and piecing bits and pieces together, well, than maybe… Auguste Orts is a Brussels-based production platform of four artists, primarily working in the fields of video and film: Manon de Boer, Sven Augustijnen, Anouk de Clercq and Herman Asselberghs. The set-up of this collective exhibition (by Tenfinger) is slightly off-putting. The first thing you’ll notice upon entering the ground floor are lots of white tables and lamps. Indeed: on those tables you’ll find the letters those four artists have been writing eachother. Then you’ll notice the videos they are presenting too, here and there. Or maybe you’ll wonder where that strange voice is coming from and you’ll notice that little speaker hanging above your head, with Alison Goldfrapp’s voice coming through it. At first I thought: not my thing and I was ready to leave the building, but after spending some more time I nevertheless got slightly intrigued by this exhibition. There are a couple of strange sci-fi videos on display by Declerq (one of them with music by Scanner), a video of a guy dismantling a computer (Asselbergh’s Dear Steve), and, of course, Dissonant, Manon De Boer’s recent dance video with Cynthia Loemij. (through August 22; more images and info here)


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