One year and 150 projects cramped into one room: Benjamin Verdonck’s ‘Kalender/Wit’

There’s one thing I really envy the people from Antwerp for: they had the incomparable Benjamin Verdonck roaming the streets of their city in 2009. For his project Kalender (calendar) the Flemish artist/actor came up with some 150 weird and wonderful interventions in the city, often linked to meaningful dates, such as Epiphany, Friday the 13th or even the first day of the winter sales. Or he just started to grow vegetables on some busy square, or collected lost objects. Kalender/wit, at M HKA (Antwerp’s museum for contemporary art) is a strange and funny exhibition (through June 20) trying to document Verdonck’s unique project: photos, videos and props, cramped together in one room. If you’re not from Antwerp and you haven’t been part of all of this, you feel rather lost amidst all these things (the exhibition really would have benefited from some extra explanatory words), but at the same time you can’t help being really intrigued. For more about Kalender and an overview of all of Verdonck’s interventions and YouTube-videos documenting them, check his website here.


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