Hardcore theatre, live as hell: Theaterfestival comes up with controversial best of-list (once again)

Do you have to be edgy and alternative to be really good? What’s wrong with some good old craftsmanship? If we’re talking about ‘established’ artists, why is Jan Decorte selected when he comes up with a mediocre performance and why is Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker not selected when she’s not afraid to make bold choices and try new things in two new performances? And what’s wrong with dance anyway? How come that not one dance performance was good enough to be selected? (Yes, they did take those dance theatre performances into account as well.) Just some of the questions that sprung to my mind as I was checking the selection for Het Theaterfestival, which has been announced today. Each year a jury selects the best performances of the past year, and they are brought to the stage during a festival at the end of August. This year’s selection is bound to be controversial once again, as it shuns performances by bigger companies and theatres and shows a preference for smaller, alternative performances. ‘Hardcore theatre, live as hell’, according to the jury. Not one single one of my favourite performances is on the list, so I’m really curious to see the performances that are on there that I haven’t been able to catch. You’ll find the list (and all info about dates and tickets) here.


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