Do/Redo/Undo: 50 years of performance video at Wiels (Brussels)

For those of you wondering if I’m going to repeat last year’s adventurous feat, and if once again I will be reviewing every single performance during the Kunstenfestivaldesarts  (Brussels), the answer is no. Partly because this edition doesn’t look that intriguing to me, partly because there are too many other things going on as well. I cán advise you though to pay a visit to Do/Redo/Undo, the new Wiels exhibition (through June 6), presented in collaboration with the Kunstenfestivaldesarts. But beware: you’ll need to take some time out for this exhibition documenting the last 50 years in performance art captured on video. One the first floor at Wiels you’ll see rows and rows of televisions and headphones. So you’ll have to sit down and take your time to watch these videos by Matthew Barney, Dan Graham, Mike Kelly, Paul McCarthy and many others. Most of the videos are from the collection of Electronic Arts Intermix, and were presented recently at New York’s PS1 Contemporary Art Centre for the exhibition 45 years of performance video from EAI. Wiels is adding a couple of videos by Charlemagne Palestine to this.


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