Jesus saves Michael Jackson (or the world according to David Lachapelle)

For all you kitsch lovers out there: time to pay a visit to Alain Noirhomme (Brussels). The gallery is showing nine pictures by renowned American photographer David Lachapelle (through May 22). Several of them are part of his Eden-series, published last year by American magazine Flaunt. The images Lachapelle shot of Michael Jackson apparently are among the last pictures taken of The King Of Pop. You’ll see Jackson as an archangel fighting the devil (see picture after the jump), a strange last supper (from 2003), Kanye West (2006) and a bare-breasted Naomi Campbell. Yes: Noirhomme is showing the uncensored version of the picture that made some headlines last year. When Flaunt wanted to put Delachapelle’s Campbell on the cover, they had to Photoshop it and cover her breast with her hair. You’ll find that picture too after the jump.


One Response to “Jesus saves Michael Jackson (or the world according to David Lachapelle)”

  1. shell517nj Says:

    Thank You David Lachapelle. Our beloved Michael Jackson was an angel. we watched him through his trials and tribulations, his joys and sorrows. may he RIP…

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