Is this the tiniest work of art at Art Brussels?

Oh yes, all you beautiful boys and girls, the circus is in town. Almost impossible to get a glimpse of all those works of art, yesterday evening, during the vernissage of Art Brussels 2010. Way too many hip people. Lots of great and strange works of art on display, though. While some of you were smiling at Walter Van Beirendonck’s penises, or sniffing Peter De Cupere’s odours, or were getting lost in that funny black-and-white room by Neal Fox & Le Gun, I couldn’t help myself and started looking for the tiniest work of art, amidst all those attention craving sculptures and paintings. And I think I might have found it: a couple of pencils by Pavel Büchler. Don’t forget: due to Art Brussels, there are lots of things going on in Brussels tonight. Lots of vernissages and parties. Rineke Dijkstra at Jan Mot, David Altmejd at Xavier Hufkens and Vanhaerents, and Aliceday is reopening at a new location… All of that and more: here.


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