What are yoú enslaved by? The Living Theatre visits Brussels

‘Who am I? Where am I going? What am I enslaved by? Work! Sex! Religion! What are yoú enslaved by?’ And they continued moving and screaming, those members of that strange group of people. A lot of bystanders were wondering what was going on, last Sunday, at Place Flagey (Brussels). And that barking dog certainly didn’t appreciate it at all. At one moment it looked like a yoga session, then it resembled a childish theatre play, but most of all it felt as if some strange sect, rather self-centered, was performing in front of our eyes. Or what happens when that legendary Living Theatre  is staying in Brussels for three weeks. They started their residency at Atelier 210 off with a free performance. The Living Theatre, founded in 1947, still has its headquarters in New York, but is based in Milan as well. They will present three plays (Green terror is a premiere) and two documentaries in the coming weeks. More info here.


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