Last chance to see Frida Kahlo: visitor record already broken

Hurry! Tonight at midnight Frida Kahlo Y Su Mundo closes its doors at Bozar, Brussels. Bozar expects that by then 117.000 Kahlo lovers will have seen the exhibition. It means that Kahlo has already broken Bozar’s visitor record. A rather amazing fact, taking into account that the Kahlo exhibition only comprises 26 (!) paintings. If an exhibition wants to draw large crowds it normally has to be a big retrospective with lots of paintings on display. This was Bozar’s top ten until now: Son of Heaven (110.783, Europalia China, 2009), Russian Avant-Garde (108.610, Europalia Russia, 2005), From tsar to emperor (101.564, Europalia Russia, 2005), Théo Van Rysselberge (92.657, 2006), The grand atelier (78.274, Europalia Europe, 2007), Visionary Belgium (68.651, 2005), Turkey (67.018, 2004), Eternal energy -1500 years of Indian art (64.650, 2006), Paul Klee (63.891, 2008) and Wiener Werkstätte (60.681, 2006).


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