Compelling ‘Medea’ by Sasha Waltz at De Munt/La Monnaie

Too bad that second performance of Sasha Waltz ‘s Medea at De Munt/La Monnaie is already sold-out. I think I might have gone a second time. I was really impressed, yesterday, by this beautifully constructed mix of elements: that mournful and compelling contemporary score (by Pascal Dusapin, from ’92), those lush costumes, a few well-chosen extra elements (six giant fans, a Rothko-like backdrop) and of course that great choreography by Waltz, with just too many gorgeous scenes to mention. Last year I was really disappointed by Waltz’s chaotic Gezeiten, at De Munt, but this time I was swept away. By the way the German choreographer infuses Dusapin’s score with silence, or the way she directed soprano Caroline Stein and her dancers, or how she even puts those singers of Vocalconsort Berlin on stage and gets them to ‘dance’ as well. This is not an overly dramatic Medea, but the more I think about Waltz’s version, the more I’m touched by it. Want to know what you’ve missed? Click here to watch a You Tube-fragment.


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