Staring contest streamed to your computer, or: Marina Abramovic on a chair at MoMA

How long would I be able to sit there? It’s a question that I’ve been asking myself since I’ve seen the pictures of Marina Abramovic‘s new performance at MoMA, New York. The seminal Belgrade-born artist is not only having a big retrospective at the museum, she’s sitting there herself as well, until May 31, every single day during exhibition hours, for a new performance: The artist is present. She’s not moving and not talking. Visitors are invited to sit on the chair in front of her, for a duration of their choosing. Fifteen minutes or a couple of hours. The funny thing in this age of the internet: you can see all of that on your computer, as the performance is streamed on the MoMA-site (click here), just like Antony Gormley’s Fourth Plinth-performance at Trafalgar Square or Anish Kapoor’s cannon shooting red paint at London’s Royal Academy. A new trend? Bringing art performances to everyone’s home? One guy apparently has asked Abramovic to marry her, somebody tried to stand on the desk, and one woman showed up in the same dress Abramovic is wearing and she too stayed for the day, trying to beat Abramovic at her own game. It turned out she was a performance artist too, Anya Liftig. Read all about that here. In case you were wondering: if Abramovic sticks to her plan, she will sit on that chair for 716 hours. You’ll find NY Times articles on the exhibition here and here. Want to know how people felt, staring at Abramovic, click here.


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