Dancing candles, growing onions and walls that lock you in: don’t miss ‘Design by performance’ (Z33)

If you’re going to Hasselt for Hannelore Knuts (see previous post), make sure you have some extra time to spend at another wonderful exhibition in the same city: Design by performance  (through May 30) at Z33. (It’s for free, so no excuse here.) It focuses on designers who try and push the envelope of the traditional applied arts disciplines in which they work. For them, the process leading to the end result becomes important too. Hence the focus on the performance part of their practice. You’ll see an impressive magical machine making candles, dipping them in barrels and doing so in a way that resembles a strange choreography (Studio Glithero). There’s a lamp that is knitting its own lampshade (Atelier NL) and a funny installation that scans a growing onion, every 24 hours, and then reproduces a plastic model, placing it on a conveyor belt (David Bowen). And on the top floor you’ll find Lawrence Malstaf’s ever-changing labyrinth: walls become doors that lock you in. And there’s much, much more to marvel at. Must-see. For more pics and videos, click here.


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