Vivienne Westwood with studs: the art of football (‘One shot’ in Charleroi)

That familiar testosteron filled sound of people cheering. That’s the first thing you notice when you’ve passed the doors of BPS22 in Charleroi. This might be a centre for contemporary art, but instead of the usual silence you get shouting football fans. And rightly so, because One shot (through July 11) is an exhibition about football that comprises more than fifty contemporary works of art.

Don’t expect an exhibition about the history of football. On display are just lots of paintings, photographs, videos and other works of art that are linked to the world of football. One shot looks at the world’s most popular sport from different angles. It talks about the fans and the players, but addresses some social and political issues too. You’ll see eleven pair of shoes by Vivienne Westwood, with studs, or a goal by Wim Delvoye. You’ll see knitted shirts, designed by football fans.

A kid is performing lots of tricks with a football, in Belgrade. But the ball turns out to be a skull. In another video a guy is walking around in the Palestine village of Wallajeh, drawing an almost endless chalk line. Don’t forget to visit that big second hall with big video screens too. Otherwise you’ll miss that video about Zinedine Zidane: just Zidane, filmed by 17 camera’s. Or that funny video of Swiss artist Massimo Furlan, playing a match just on his own, in an empty stadium, pretending to be Michel Platini.

‘One shot’, until July 11 (Wednesday – Sunday, 12.00-18.00). More info here.


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