Jan Fabre turns into an animal in Paris

Can’t make it to Paris today for the opening of Jan Fabre‘s new exhibition? On the occasion of the opening of Guy Pieter‘s new and fourth gallery? Don’t worry. I can’t give you that glass of champagne, but I cán offer you images of the sculptures the Flemish artist is going to unveil today: 18 wax and 18 bronze sculptures. ‘Self-portraits with animal ears and horns, all of them’, Fabre told me recently, as I interviewed him. ‘A sort of metamorphose: man/animal. The self-portrait as a sort of longing to ‘otherness’ and ‘strangeness’. It represents also an investigation into the physiognomy of the face: the face as a landscape. The sculptures in wax are the original versions. You can still see the traces my fingers have left. The bronze sculptures are almost like death masks. Because in a way every self-portrait is a sort of death mask. These are sculptures that are stemming from a postmortem stage of life. Vain? No, there’s no vanity involved here. Where do you begin, when you want to investigate the human body? In the mirror, of course. And by the way: these self-portraits are a way of mocking myself as well. You’ll see the rude Jan Fabre, the stubborn Jan Fabre, the devilish Jan Fabre and the stupid Jan Fabre.’ (Guy Pieters Gallery, through May 2, Paris; info here)


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