Superwoman and Messiaen? ‘danceXmusic’ mixes… contemporary dance and music

danceXmusic? It turned out to be a wonderful concept, yesterday, at De Munt/La Monnaie (Brussels). Take some gifted students from Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s school P.A.R.T.S., add some talented musicians from the chamber orchestra of De Munt/La Monnaie, throw in some contemporary music (John Cage, Berio, Ligeti) and a few established choreographers (John Jasperse, Salva Sanchis) and there you are: a great, varied evening. If one of the choreographies isn’t your thing, than the music certainly will be, and vice versa. danceXmusic mixes short, new pieces by P.A.R.T.S.-students with longer, new choreographies by Jasperse, Sanchis and Hauert, also performed by those students. Want to see Jasperse and Sanchis, then you’ll have to go to De Munt/La Monnaie (Salle Malibranzaal) tonight, Hauert’s piece will be performed on Thursday and Friday. I certainly saw some nice performances, heard some great music and had a good laugh too (Superwoman dancing on Messiaen?) More info here.


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