Surprise! Danh Vo’s radical new version of Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Frankly? I hadn’t expected the changes to be thát drastic. If you’ve been to Wiels (Brussels) for Felix Gonzalez-Torres you are in for a surprise, when you return for Danh Vo‘s new version of the exhibition: it’s a complete new setup. And a very radical one. Gone is the big golden curtain. No more piles of candies. No more ‘carpet’ of silver wrapped candies on the top floor. Danh Vo brings in lots of grey skies with seagulls. It’s clearly an artist’s take on the work of another artist. Bold, consistent and minimal. But I fear that for a lot of people this will mean: taking it a step too far. There have been a couple of reviews of the exhibition calling it too cryptic for a general audience. Well, this version is even more so. You really need to have seen the first version to get this one. And I fear that a lot of people wanting to get to know the work of Gonzalez-Torres might be put off by this. One piece of advice for those of you desperately missing the candies: do go to -2. At the bottom of the stairs you’ll find a stack of them, nicely hidden. And if you’re wondering where all the lightbulbs hanging in the huge silo have gone… do read closely the golden plaques with info about the works on display. You’ll notice that they are now hanging somewhere in the village of Gesves (Impasse des Bouvreuils 3). For more on the first version, by curator Elena Filipovic, click here.


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