A cubelike shed and other intriguing works by Matthieu Ronsse at Almine Rech

So you’ve not followed my advice yet and you haven’t been to the brand new Almine Rech gallery in Brussels? Please do so now, as they have an intriguing show by Belgian artist Matthieu Ronsse and one funny piece of work by Kris Martin (through March 20; Abdijstraat 20 Rue de l’abbaye). The big cube in the middle of that huge gallery is a box Ronsse used as an atelier in his garden. I quite like Ronsse’s diverse collection of often slightly mysterious paintings for ‘La ferme Suisse au loin, en arrivant au château’, with their references to art history. Oh, and don’t think that big white plastic covered panel leaning against a wall is a work of art too. It’s part of the little shed Ronsse built to sleep in while he was putting the final touches to his paintings at Almine Rech. Martin”s ‘#’ is a guirlande of crucifixes he collected. You’ll find a picture after the jump, as well as a few more installation views of Ronsse’s exhibition. Next up at Almine Rech is an exhibition by Austrian artist Franz West (March 26).

(all images courtesy Almine Rech, Brussels; installation views by Philippe D. Photography)


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