Art and science fail to fascinate at M Museum

Disappointing. That’s the word I’ll unfortunately have to use for Parallellepipeda, the new exhibition at Leuven’s recently opened M Museum. What happens when art and science meet? That was the point of departure for this exhibition, that follows on the heels of the intriguing Jan Vercruysse retrospective. I’m sure it can be a really interesting question for both contemporary artists and scientists. But that doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll end up with an interesting exhibition as well. Parallellepipeda doesn’t succeed in ‘translating’ the subject matter in a gripping way to the exhibition space. In the end you’re left with just those Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven paintings and that strange, but already well-known chicken breeding experiment by Koen Vanmechelen to marvel at. Next up at M are exhibitions by Tina Gillen (March 12), Philippe Van Snick (May 12) and Angus Fairhurst (May 12). Fast forward please.


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