Dutch museum asks visitors (via the internet) which paintings they want to see

Art and the internet. Some museums don’t care at all, others do try and find ways to use the internet (and social media) to reach out to a broader (and younger?) audience. Take the Dutch Kröller-Müller Museum, for instance, renowned for its Vincent Van Gogh-collection. They have launched Expose: art lovers can decide – via the internet – which works of art will make up an exhibition. The most beautiful works on paper is the first result of that new interactive concept. On the website of the museum visitors could choose their three most favorite works on paper from the large Kröller-Müller collection. The top 50 is on view in the museum (until April 14) and, of course, on the website, here. Any trends or statistics? The average age of those who picked their favorites was 48. Blue is obviously everyone’s favorite colour (check the top 3, with Marino Marini, Odilon Redon and Pablo Picasso), only a few landscapes have made the top 50, and women tend to go for portraits of women. The museum plans on doing an Expose-exhibition once every year.


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