Everyday things – the Japanese way – by Rinko Kawauchi

Transient wonders, everyday bliss. Brussels gallery Argos couldn’t have picked a better title for its new exhibition, with pictures by Rinko Kawauchi. It’s the first time this Japanese artist is brought to Belgium and she has a second exhibition running in Brussels as well. While Argos is concentrating on older work (and is having a video and a slide show too), up town gallery Meessen De Clerq is showing some of Kawauchi’s recent pictures. But: transient wonders, everyday bliss. That’s what Kawauchi specializes in. She likes to take pictures of things that live for a short time, and when she’s taking pictures of her family (which she has done for the last 15 years) she is looking for the things that can happen to every family. Kawauchi started out by publishing books, and she used to keep a photo diary on the internet too. She is presented by Argos as one of the most celebrated Japanese photographers of her generation. You’ll see lots of subdued pictures in soft tones of bugs and plants and close-ups of everyday things, often in the same large format: 101×101 cm. Two exhibitions for those of you who are in a poetic mood. You’ll find an older interview with Kawauchi about her career here. Exhibition at Argos through March 27, at Meessen De Clerq through March 6.


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