Berlinde De Bruyckere wins one of the Flemish CultuurPrijzen (and talks to Utopia Parkway)

It was getting a bit preposterous. That’s why I’m happy to know that Berlinde De Bruyckere was finally awarded one of the CultuurPrijzen Vlaanderen, in Kortrijk, tonight. The Flemish artist was already nominated twice before, for these ‘Flemish culture prizes’, awarded in 12 categories every year. This was the third time she got nominated. Other notable winners this year are Benjamin Verdonck (theatre) and Renzo Martens (film), for his thought-provoking Enjoy poverty. They each get 12.500 euro. Berlinde De Bruyckere was kind enough to invite me over to her studio recently and talk to me for my Utopia Parkway Files. I’ll be publishing her thoughts on beauty shortly. In the meantime you can still go to bookshop Saint-Hubert, Brussels, so see some pictures of her work and one new sculpture. More info: here.


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