People on the street become people in cars

We’ve all seen them by now, those blown-up pictures of anonymous people walking by in the streets of New York or Tokyo, minding their own business, caught by Swiss artist Beat Streuli. But how do you avoid becoming a one-trick pony, as an artist? So when Brussels’ gallery Erna Hecey announced a show by Streuli with new works I was eager to go and check it out. But I was rather disappointed. Streuli has turned his attention to people in cars, these days. Which basically means he applies the same technique to another subject; and his video’s didn’t really convince me either. There was one  interesting green, almost abstract picture that pointed in the direction of something new, though. As any famous rock band will tell you: having a style of your own can be both a blessing and a burden. Not familiar yet with Streuli’s work? Do check out his site here. You’ll be able to flip through heaps of his pictures. (Beat Streuli, ‘New works’, until February 28, Erna Hecey, Brussels)


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