How to make clouds at home?

Women, science labs and theatre, it keeps on being an interesting combination. Last year I already saw strange things happening in the labs of Dominique Roodthooft (read review here) and Kate McIntosh (review here). Just the other day I had a wonderful time during a lecture/performance of Gosie Vervloessem, a young Flemish artist who’s still in the stages of trying to find out what works best for her. She has taken up a residency at Recyclart (at trainstation Kapellekerk, Brussels), for which she is going to hold a ‘domestic science lab’ every two months. If her first lecture (‘How to make clouds’) is anything to go by, this could very well become a ‘cult’ night out. While the trains pass by over your head with a thundering noise a shy, funny ánd resolute Vervloessem cleverly and awkwardly blends facts and fiction, ‘you can do this at home too’-science, performance-art and philosophy. Her next lecture will be about gravity. I can’t wait.


One Response to “How to make clouds at home?”

  1. Een aanrader voor gravity is ook Frederic Geurts in Z33, Hasselt, loopt nog tot einde deze week.

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