A must-see: Almine Rech’s huge new gallery

If you think that art galleries are tiny spaces just for specialists, and places not worth visiting, think again. Or just drop by at the new Almine Rech gallery in Brussels. You won’t believe your eyes. (OK, I’m slightly exaggerating here.) Mrs. Rech, who is married to Picasso’s grandson and who also owns a gallery in Paris, has completely renovated her Brussels gallery and turned it into an exciting, rather enormous space. It’s another proof of the fact that, when it comes to contemporary art, Brussels is becoming a place to be reckoned with. (That well-known other example? New York gallerist Barbara Gladstone opening a gallery here. The new expo over there is one by Andro Wekua.) Almine Rech is situated uptown, in vicinity of two other interesting galleries: Xavier Hufkens (do check out the new Tim Rollins and K.O.S. and Padraig Timoney exhibition) and Meessen De Clercq. On display at Almine Rech (until February 18) are works by German artists Gregor Hildebrandt and Daniel Lergon.  (Almine Rech, Rue de l’abbaye/Abdijstraat 20, 1050 Brussels; photo credit: Philippe D. Photography) 


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