BOOK OF THE MONTH (2): paper, oh yes, one of the trends of 2009

It’s that time of the year; almost. Lists. Trends. The best of 2009. And the good people from Bozar Shop (Brussels) have proven to be trendy indeed, by pointing out Papercraft – Design and art with paper to me. Because I happened to have read in Creative Review ‘s The year in review-issue about paper being one of thé trends of 2009. So yes, definitely, my book of the month for december has to be this one: a lavish overview of what contemporary artists have managed to do with paper. You’ll find a couple of fine examples after the jump.

Origami? Think again. There’s much more to be done with paper. It enjoys something of a renaissance amongst young artists, these days. You’ll be amazed at all the possibilities it offers for an artist when you’ll be flipping the pages of Papercraft. The book explores the astounding possibilities of paper, and it gathers the most extraordinary creations, from small objects to large-scale art installations. It truly makes you look at paper in another way. It comprises, of course, work of Yulia Brodskaya, who’s been one of the artist’s of 2009, according to Creative Review. The book also includes a dvd with templates for those of you who want to have a go at it too, and a couple of stop-motion animations.

‘Papercraft’, published by Gestalten, 44 euro, is available at Bozar Shop (Brussels). It can be ordered at the Gestalten-site too, here. They even have a podcast about the book, here.


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