Catweazle turns out to be a photographer

Ever heard of Gerard Fieret? Me neither. That’s why I sat glued to my tv last night, watching an extraordinary documentary about the Dutch photographer, who died in January this year, at the age of 85. Apparently he took pictures for only 15 years during his life, but nevertheless he is considered to be one of Holland’s most important photographers. It was surreal to see the images of a weird, Catweazle-like old man, living in a dump and feeding the pigeons, put next to an interview with a New York gallerist, talking about how she’s selling Fieret’s pictures for at least 10.000 dollars each, these days. It got really strange when Fieret’s ‘archive’ got discovered, accidentally: he had hidden all his negatives in two jerry cans (!). That archive has just been handed over to the Gemeentemuseum in Den Haag (press release here). You can watch the documentary (by director Frank van den Engel, with a wonderful soundtrack by Belgian musician Hans Helewaut) here. You can see some of Fieret’s pictures here and read a profile (Dutch only) here (NRC Handelsblad) or here (De Groene Amsterdammer).


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