Canvascollectie crosses the border

Just back from the launch of next year’s Canvascollectie. This time around it will really be Belgium’s biggest search for new talent, when it comes to art. Because the other half of the country will be joining the contest too. The first edition was launched in 2008 by the VRT, the Flemish radio and television network, in collaboration with several museums. For the second edition the RTBF and some museums from the French-speaking part of this country step aboard too. Everybody (as long as you are living in Belgium) can enter the competition, but you have to do so before January 15. The exhibition with all the carefully selected finalists will open its doors at Bozar on the 6th of May. At the end of that month we’ll know who has won De Canvascollectie/La collection RTBF. Slight change: this time around it’s not the general public who will pick the winner, but a professional jury. He or she will get 10.000 euro. Do I remember anything from that first edition? The name of the winner (Rachel Agnew), and discovering the work of photographer Kumi Oguro. I vividly remember visiting a lovely exhibition of her work, later on, at Espace Contretype in Brussels. More info about the Canvascollectie: here.


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