Elephants and frying pans: on how Kajsa Sandström made me smile

And then, once in a while, someone takes you by surprise. By a coincidence, I found myself in a room with Kajsa Sandström, yesterday. The ex-PARTS-student is one of many artists presented by WorkSpace Brussels during their Working Title Festival (through December 12, various theatres). I was quite charmed by her and David Bergé’s short performance I need a witness to perform. She kneels down, pushes a button on her laptop and on a video screen we see several little scenes with Sandström. In her kitchen, on a bed, in a library, in a zoo. While the video is playing Sandström mimics her own moves, or, those of the elephants in the zoo. If you’re just looking at her, and not at the screen, it’s as if you’re watching a simple but very precise choreography. Clever, funny and with a keen eye for detail. Too bad I can’t make it to Noted appearance, her new performance with photographer Bergé. Do go and check out that Working Title Festival. Maybe one of those performances will take yoú by surprise. For a couple of lovely fragments from I need a witness to perform, check out this YouTube-video. (photo credit: David Bergé)


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