Tony Oursler brings King Boudewijn back to life

She’s been declared dead already a few times accidentally by news agencies. Our advice to Queen Fabiola from Belgium is: don’t go anywhere near Baronian Francey. Because otherwise she would maybe really have that fatal heart attack, from seeing and hearing her deceased husband talk. On display: a giant 20 Franc-banknote with a talking Boudewijn. One of five installations by New York-artist Tony Oursler. Once again a Brussels’ gallery is offering the opportunity to discover, by means of a small exhibition, the work of a renowned contemporary artist. Oursler has made a name for himself by projecting images on everything but video screens. (Rock band Sonic Youth have used his videos on stage.) Too bad, though, the acoustics in Baronian Francey are really bad. It’s difficult to understand the voices that accompany the images. For those of you travelling to Austria: there’s a Tony Oursler-exhibition in Kunsthaus Bregenz these days too; info here(”Pure O”, Baronian Francey, Brussels, until January 9)


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