Xavier Hufkens welcomes Chili Peppers’ long lost uncle

Erwin Wurm ('Big Pumpkin')Just a little leg, in marble. A gigantic, melting house. A big chocolate-like guy with a big pumpkin instead of a head. A little guy in a purple suit, without a head. And lots of ‘paintings’ with embroidered words. Going to Erwin Wurm‘s exhibition at Xavier Hufkens (Brussels) feels like stepping into a fairy tale written by an artist with a tendency towards the absurd. The Austrian artist is mostly known for his ‘one minute sculptures’, for which he lets people pose for one minute with everyday objects in quite a strange way. He just shot Claudia Schiffer with a yellow broom between her legs for the German edition of Vogue (for more of those weird pictures, click here), and the Red Hot Chili Peppers based their video for Can’t stop on his work (Flea calls Wurm his ‘long lost uncle’; for more about that video click here; for the video, click here). Had a busy week? Feeling grumpy? Go and check out Wurm’s lovely Desperate philosophers at Xavier Hufkens (till December 3). Even Swiss rock star Stephan Eicher did, during last night’s opening.


One Response to “Xavier Hufkens welcomes Chili Peppers’ long lost uncle”

  1. […] If you happen to be in Brussels, the ‘Erwin Wurm, Desperate Philosophers’ exhibition in the Xavier Hufkens Gallery is opening today at 6 pm. Read more about it on Utopia Parkway. […]

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